Drawing is my passion, doing it every day makes my life complete. Let me help you create beautiful products that sell!

Hello! My name is Izabella Markiewicz. I am an illustrator, pattern and interior designer situated in Saarbrücken, Germany.

After several years working in interior design I turned my passion for drawing into a career in illustration. In 2010 I founded Maedchenwahn Illustration, 

a design studio for paper products, stationery and illustrations.

Since then I discovered my fondness for pattern design. I create modern, strong, sophisticated patterns for textiles and home decor, as well as bold, quirky and happy Illustrations.

My style has pure and romantic elements with minimalistic shapes in modern and vintage colours. Does my particular style catch your eye? Can you see my illustrations working with your products? Together we can use my passion to optimize your business.

For inquiries, please contact my agent Mrs. A. Jentsch - Art und Licensing GmbH Agency by mail:
For general informations or to say hello please feel free to use the contact formI look forward to to hear from you!

Member of I.O. Illustratoren Organisation e.V.

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